Work Permit and Who Needs It

Work Permit is a special permit for Foreigners, who want to work in the Czech Republic. Without this permission and without valid visa for the purpose of employment, it is illegal to work in the Czech Republic. A foreigners needs to get the work permit in orders to work in the Czech republic, unless he/she is exempted from the obligation to have the work permit by the Czech Employment Act. According to the Czech Employment Act, work permits are not require from:

  • Citizens of the EU countries, Switzerland, Norway, Lichtenstein and Island or a family members of citizens of such a countries.
  • Foreigners who have a permanent residence permit in the Czech Republic
  • Asylum Seekers.
  • Students engaged in full time studies
  • Individuals who finished high school or university studies in Czech Republic.

Work Permit For EU/EEA Citizens

Working in the Czech Republic holds plenty of opportunities for expats. Its stable and prosperous market economy and convenient location in Central Europe create favorable working conditions. Inter Nations gives you a short introduction to working in the Czech Republic. EU/EEA citizens enjoy the freedom to settle and work in the Czech Republic. All other nationalities, however, must obtain a work permit before they can legally take up employment in the Czech Republic. As a general rule, foreigners can be employed in the Czech Republic under two conditions: The employer has obtained a permit from the Labor Office to employ foreigners, and the employee has been granted a work permit for the job in question.

Work Permit – for Employers

First of all, foreigners can only be employed in positions for which no suitable candidate could be found in the Czech Republic or in other EU member states. The vacant position must be reported to the Labor Office and cannot be changed at a later stage to fit the profile of a potential employee. Salary and working conditions of foreign employees must correspond to those of Czech people in similar positions. Once all these basic requirements have been established, the employer can apply for a permit to obtain employees from abroad. Applications are submitted to the Labor Office responsible for the district where the foreigner will be employed.

Work Permit – for Employees

The foreign employee has to apply for a work permit at the same Labor Office. A work permit can only be issued for the exact job and employer specified in the application. It is non-transferrable and valid for no longer than two years, after which period a new application must be submitted. If any of the conditions specified in the work permit change prior to expiration of the work permit, the employee must apply for a new permit.

An application consists of:

  • Proof of Identity.
  • Proof of address in the foreigner’s country of permanent residence
  • All information necessary to identify the future employer .
  • Information regarding place, duration and type of work
  • Declaration of the employer that he/she will employ the foreigner
  • Notarized copies of academic and professional qualifications relevant to the type of work
  • A health certificate no older than one month
  • Administration Fee.

Social Security in the Czech Republic,

The Czech Republic has a comprehensive system of social and health insurances. General health insurance is provided by nine different, independent funds. Every person can freely choose their fund and their health care provider. Social security consists of pension, sickness and unemployment benefits. Everybody working in the Czech Republic has to pay contributions based on their income. However, there may be some exemptions for non-Czech nationals on short-term work placements. If you are an EU citizen, you can be exempt from Czech social security contributions provided you continue to pay in your normal country of residence.

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