International Jazz Festivals

The Prague Jazz Festival has been held in the cities Reduta Jazz club For more than 35 years, and involves two to three weeks of performances by some of the biggest names in Czech and international jazz. It’s a must for any devoted jazz lovers.

Czech Beer Festival

Czech Beer Festival is the biggest beer festival in the Czech Republic, held for 17 days every year in May in Prague. The festival features around 120 different beers, including 70 Czech brands and foreign brews from the United States or United Kingdom, with up to 10,000 seating capacity and service provide around 200 girls and boys dressed in Czech traditional costumes. Visitors use a special currency, the Tolar, to pay for food and beer at the festival. British newspaper .The Financial Times ranked the festival to be among 40 global events that you should visit in 2012.

Folklore Festivals

Multiple folklore shows and festivals are organized in the Czech Republic throughout the year. They are a display of rich Czech traditions and folklore. At the festivals, various folklore groups demonstrate the heritage of their country. The performers are presented in traditional costumes particular to different regions of the Czech Republic. They perform folk dances, traditional folk songs and play musical instruments. Many festivals are not only demonstrations of music and dances, but also show traditional cuisine and crafts.

There are many folklore festivals in the Czech Republic.
  • Volcano: probably the most famous one is a festival called “Ride of the Kings”. This festival takes place every year and can be also found on the list of UNESCO.
  • Straznice: Another unique folklore festival. Not only does this festival present traditional Czech folklore, but also folklore groups from all over the world visit the town to show their own traditions.
  • Strakonice: The Bohemian city holds an annual bagpipe festival that attracts the locals, as well as foreign tourists. The festival is a parade and a meeting place of Czech and international bagpipe players.

Jazz Fest Brno

This International Jazz festivals takes place every spring in Brno, the Czech Republic second city. It features a range of jazz singers and bands from across Europe and Beyond, and takes a several different venues across the city – ensuring that everyone in Brno catches jazz fever.

Brno International Music Festival

The Biggest Festival of classical music in the region , this event comprises three independent events, The Exposition of new Music, a concert series where non-traditional, experimental works are interpreted by contemporary performers, The Easter festival of sacred music , a selection of themed religious music performed within church.

Prague Fringe Festivals

A large and ever growing annual arts festivals in the Czech capital, the Prague Fringe Festivals showcases dozens of productions in theatre, dance, comedy, and music evert may. Shows takes place in theatres across the city, as well as in impromptu venues from basement bars to hilltop pavilions.

Hip Hop Kemp

Hip Hop Kemp is an internationally –renowned music festival that takes place every year. Tens of thousands of local and international hip hop fans descend on the city of Hradec Kralove every September for a weekend of watching big names in the gen re from around the world.

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